Sony Nex 6 camera review

The Sony NEX-6L/B 16.1 MP Compact Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera with 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens and 3-Inch LED (Black) is the latest addition to the NEX line of mirrorless compact cameras announced in September 2012 alongside with the more consumer-oriented nex-5r, the NEX 6 just below the flagship NEX 7 in the product lineup and shares the same body style and styling as well as many of the flagship model features.

In my opinoion mirrorless cameras suffer from viewfinder problems, pretty much all of them do. They’re just not as good as DSLRs in this respect and without a mirror may never be. As long as the light level is reasonably low, looking at the viewing screen is acceptable, but when the light gets bright, like here in San Antonio you have to do something else. With the old Panasonic GF1 (I never invested in the EVF for it), it was basically worse than a point-and-shoot in outdoor daylight. It was a point-and-hope.
But to the positive side. The NEX-6 gives you a much refined and greatly more workable system. The viewing screen is much better and more resistant to reflection and glare than than GF1’s. And, when the light overwhelms the viewing screen and you have to switch to the EVF, it’s right there, built in, at the correct position on the camera for easy use, so it can be doable, with a very good eye-control switchover—block the EVF and the viewing screen turns off and the EVF turns on. It happened a few times that I blanked my viewing screen by holding the eyepiece too close to my body, but it’s a very minor inconvenience. Generally it works great.


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