The Hobbit – Book Review

I bought The Hobbit novel, only lately after watching Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit An Unexpected Party’ movie 3 times. I was too very surprised by the story, direction and cinematography. I couldn’t wait for 2 more years to know what happened on Bilbo Baggins and his queer yet a very hearted journey, so i I picked up the book and started reading it right away!
The following is my honest, truthful to the heart review of the epic adventure novel!

My Review of The Hobbit:
The Hobbit is a very dramatically epic, though provoking and a whole heartedly fantastical adventure novel. I’m now in love with J.R.R. Tolkien’s writing style.

The Drama, action, and some comedic paragraphs portrayed in his writing style are very blended and transitions smoothly from in between fighting action scenes, puzzling the reader or just plain dialogue between characters, Above all the characters were very real (Bilbo felt very life-like, even tough at many times he was not mentioned in many scenes, his presence was always felt and his interactions between Gandalf and the dwarfs were always very exciting and full of joy.) J.R.R. Tolkien’s writing, especially with the long descriptive style of designing the scenes with excellent choice of words and experiencing the feelings of the characters is plain shining gold. Some poems even stick in your head and maybe very hard to fade them away!

The Chapters are displayed heavily by the lightness of characters, the surroundings, and the story setting with exhilarating description and masterful storytelling, while some chapters show darkness and vain(including some tension, comedy and drama) throughout the whole time.

This is truly a very extremely magnificent book. Full of thrills, rides, goblins, action and drama (with a hint of comedy). You’ll be biting your nails through this whole explosive roller coaster the entire time.

Truly The best children book of the 21st and the 20th Century! Period. Certainly the best book I’ve read and enjoyed in a long time.

After finishing The Hobbit, I’ve bought ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy pack. Can’t wait to get started on that too…


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