Knitwear that You shouldn’t Miss

Women clothing are many and varied probably representing the different tastes and preferences of ladies across the globe. What is of particular interest though is the knitwear and the versatility that it comes with. Knitwear has been around for quite sometime but it had not been taken seriously in fashion as it looked outdated.  In the contemporary world, the tables of fashion have turned and knitwear is up the chart of fashion and talk of town. Knitwear comes in different forms and designs from floral prints to just plain wears.

Blue&Yellow Oversize Panel Asian Sweater with Cowl-neck and Rib Hemline

Winter is arguably one of the difficult seasons to get clothing for that makes you look trendy. Because of the bulkiness and the many layers of clothing that one has to wear to keep warm, maintaining the element of fashion may not be as easy. The good news however that is as the season approaches, ideas of fashion knitwear to keep you trendy over winter are hitting the fashion headlines. I have compiled my own list of knitwear that you shouldn’t miss in your closet this season.

Diamond Print Cardigan

This is a piece of women apparel that is a must-have in your wardrobe during winter. It comes in different patterns giving you the choice and variety. The grid-like print of this long cardigan is complemented by its sleek cut. If you are a fun of mint green shade then this is the knitwear for you because you can team it up with trendy pants to make a strong fashion statement.

Drop Shoulder tunic

This happens to be one of my favorite’s knitwear and a definite casual bet this coming winter. I will opt for a loose fit tunic that will give me space to combine with other outfits. Boots for instance work well with this piece of fabric. Flats and moccasins are also great footwear to complement this effortless slip-on. To finally lock in the trendy winter look with drop shoulder tunic knitwear, you can add a statement necklace.

Grey Oversized Kable Knitt Stylish Winter Collection  Sweater


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