Obela Hummus Review

The dips had a slightly creamy, nutty flavour yet they would still be smooth enough to spread on a wrap or sandwich.

The packaging was great, I loved the beautiful rich maroon and the pictures of the ingredients on the front, which made the product feel more authentic.

I think the presentation is good enough to actually serve the dip straight out of the packaging at a dinner party (less washing up!).

They dips were quite thick and held all the bits of toppings (garlic, capsicum etc) in place even if you shook them up or moved them around (yes, I did). There was also a generous amount of toppings in each packet and I felt that they added some colour and excitement to the dip.

The hummus was very easy to eat with the Lebanese bread and between Wicko, Mum and I we managed to demolish a dip easily within about 20 minutes.

I think this product is versatile and tasty and is a great healthy snack to have in the fridge with carrot sticks, celery or even crackers.

I give it an 8.5/10.


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